Look who finally got around to writing another blog!

With me changing my 9 to 5 jobs, preparing for my move to Europe, finding ways to help with the protests back in the States (and globally!), and trying to stay covid-19 free over the last few weeks as been exhausting.

So much so that I have not made time to go out and take any photos, much less edit my last random photowalk photos.

Until yesterday!

I had the day off from work and felt the need to explore one of my favorite locations here in Jeonnam-do, South Korea. Luckily the rain let up just long enough for me to capture some pretty stunning photos.

Here is a sneak peek at several of the self portraits that I took:

Since I seem to be in an editing mood today, I am going to try to finish the rest of the other edits and then put them into two piles – one for Unsplash and the other pile for photos that I will submit as potential stock photos for Scopio.

I’ll talk more about that in my next blog.

Thanks again for checking out my work!

-Soprano Musings Photography

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