2020? Are You Ready?


The plans are underway and I am beyond excited about the things I have in store for you all next year.

First up is a bi-weekly newsletter! Well, once I finish up the business aspects needed for Soprano Musings Photography this month that is. Since I have had a the tiniest interest in a few of my photos over on my Facebook page, I have decided to give selling a few prints a shot.

That is only one of many sells that I will attempt in 2020, for the rest you can visit me again in January for more updates!

Then there is my YouTube channel. I want to document more of my journey and would love for you all to join me there, if for nothing else then to see the many trials and errors of me trying to record and take photos. That has been one funny challenge over the last few months!

In short, I have plans for Soprano Musings Photography next year, and I want to thank you all now for following me on this journey.

Looking for inspiration behind the lens, to share with all of you, as been amazing.

And I can’t wait to do it more in 2020!

-Soprano Musings Photography

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