A recent trip to Goheung inspired more to seriously consider creating book cover art.

I still am learning how to improve the basics and am still under contract with my current employer, but I can at least look into the requirements for this profession, right?

My thoughts exactly!

Especially since I enjoy traveling and doing more freelance work. Why not add another profession, another title to the list? I want to continue traveling overseas, taking photos, writing stories, and the idea of adding another revenue stream to the list that will fuse well with my future plans after leaving South Korea is too tempting to pass up.

Which also would explain the lack of photos in this post.

I have found three companies that I can submit my photos to, but until I understand how everything works in regards to what quality of photos I can submit, I want to make sure that any photos I have taken recently will be considered. And the one thing I have notice about all three companies is that they seem to prefer work that has not been published elsewhere, which I understand.

If you happen to know more about book cover art commission work, please let me know.

Until I do know more, expect lots of self portraits!

Thanks for reading and I look forward to sharing more of my photography journey with you all soon.


-Soprano Musings Photography

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