3 Months is too Long

To say that I need to get better with posting, at least monthly, would be the understatement of the year!

The good news is that I have, in fact, been taking plenty of pictures. As far as me editing and posting them onto my social media accounts – not so much.

Though from now on, I will promise to do better. I have to if I want folks to see my work and to keep building my portfolio. Speaking of my portfolio, here are a few photos that I took in Seoul.

No, I am still not a fan of the city, but I have to admit that the location was nice. And the people that I met were pretty cool too.

Except another post filled with photos soon to make up for my long absence!


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Soprano Musings Photography


Humble Beginnings

Please be advised – these photos were taken with a backup camera out of boredom and before I got myself situated with a more serious editing software.

SM Portfolio (8)SM Portfolio (6)


Needless to say, they are not the best work. Though the day I took them is what is most important. On that day I decided to officially launch Soprano Musings Photography.

I am still learning and that is the number one reason why I have decided to take photos this year for absolutely no charge. So now I am looking for models and scouting different locations all over South Korea to challenge myself.

This website will document the journey and I can not wait to see what develops!


Soprano Musings Photography